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Gubernatorial Appointments

As the head of the Executive branch of Texas government, one of the Governor's chief responsibilities is making appointments to state boards, commissions and councils. Among the appointments the Governor is responsible for making are regents for public universities and heads of state agencies. The Governor is also responsible for filling certain vacancies for state elected officials and judicial offices. During a four year term, a Governor will make about 3,000 appointments.  

As required by the Texas Constitution, most appointees are required to be confirmed by the Senate when the Legislature is in session. For appointments made while the Legislature is not in session, the appointee must be confirmed during the next regular or special session. If the appointee fails to be confirmed by the Senate, they must vacate the position and the Governor will appoint a new person to that position.

Most terms are six years, with members of boards and commissions serving staggered terms with one-third of the board members expiring every two years; this is to prevent wholesale turnover of the board. As prescribed by the Texas Constitution, appointees with expired terms serve until they are reappointed or replaced. Heads of state agencies serve at the discretion of the Governor, assuming they are confirmed by the Senate.

For those interested in serving a Gubernatorial appointment, the first step is submitting an application to the Governor's Appointments Office, which can be found here (, when submitting your application, be sure to indicate which position you are interested.

For a complete list of appointed positions and the qualificaitons required, click here ( )


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