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Mike Wolfe Throws Support to Oliverson

Dr. Tom Oliverson, anesthesiologist and conservative Republican candidate for Texas State Representative, District 130, has been endorsed by Mike Wolfe who has decided not to file paperwork to run for the open House seat.

“Mike and I see eye to eye on the issues,” Dr. Oliverson said. “Mike is an activist in the conservative grassroots community, and I appreciate his confidence in our team. Together we will work toward victory so that District 130 has the most principled conservative as their Representative.”

“Dr. Oliverson will be a valuable leader for District 130,” Mr. Wolfe said. “His traditional family values and dedication to the issues facing the district will guide him to victory in March and November. He will represent HD 130 well in Austin, and I am proud to support him. I look forward to having another ally headed to the Capitol who supports reform of the Harris County Department of Education.”


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