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Tom Oliverson Honored To Be Named Deputy Floor Leader By House Republican Caucus

(Austin, Texas) Today, the Texas House Republican Caucus Chairman, Tan Parker, announced the appointment of Representative Jim Murphy as the Caucus Floor Leader for the 85th Legislative Session. Representative Murphy served in the same capacity in the 84th session.
In announcing the appointment, Chairman Parker stated, “Putting together a strong leadership team for the Caucus has been my top priority, and Representative Murphy has proven to be an invaluable asset in the House and I know that he will continue to help provide the support that Members need on the House floor.”

Representative Murphy will be joined by the following six Members who will serve as Deputy Floor Leaders for the 85th Legislative Session: Representative Tony Dale, Representative Tom Oliverson, Representative James White, Representative Wayne Faircloth, Representative Rodney Anderson and Representative Hugh Shine.


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